About us


Our vision

More and more people are using the web to find information about people, places and things which are close to them.   

From cognitive research, it have been demonstrated that the human brain is better able to search through this information when displayed spatially on a map rather than looking through a long list.  

Emergence of this GeoWeb means that users are becoming accustomed to using online maps - with thousand of sites now using them. 

However, building professional maps using a traditional GeoWeb API remains a difficult and expensive task:

  • Current GeoWeb APIs are not well suited to display large amount of information without suffering from performance issue around storage and display, stability at all zoom levels and information management issues
  • the finished map remains tightly linked to the API vendor, which may not be the future vendor of choice
  • most common controls are not compatible with maps and those provided by the vendor are insufficient
  • browser incompatibilities can cause additional complications.

From that situation, it is not surprisingly that many online maps are not really usable - which affects the reputation of their publishers.

Coolmapi is the cure.

The API shield programmers from the lower level implementation and allows creation of fast, stable, efficient and ergonomic online maps. But Coolmapi is not only an API, it is coupled with a storage service for map data, that will ensure performance, whatever the number of users, or the number of point of interest (POI) on them.

By using Coolmapi, developers will produce a great mapping website fast. All the storage and management of the data is built into the service and require only the descriptions of the data to be stored. All the user interface work is eased by the provided flexible box controls, and the map display is entirely delegated to Coolmapi. Reducing the hassle in implementing the GeoWeb, Coolmapi will contribute to broaden the usage of maps to display business or other kind of localized data.


Company profile

SOFTEC offers advanced information solutions and document technologies, focusing on structured information, open interchange and the interoperability of information applications. Most of our clients are small and medium companies and associations who face the needs to revamp their current distribution channels and want to provide their own clients or users with the best on-line solutions.

SOFTEC was founded in August of 1997. Initially offering consulting services to the European Commission, SOFTEC has specialized in the SGML/XML data processing for both online and offline publication. Still today, SOFTEC continue to develop and support the software used by Eurostat (the European Statistical Office) to prepare yearly publications of Nomenclatures used by all european countries to measure their international trade.

Following the flotation, SOFTEC has supplied information solutions based on the OmniMark language, a proprietary software of  Stilo International, very well suited to convert any source of data into structured SGML/XML content. SOFTEC has built data processing pipelines for large companies like Encyclopedia Universalis, Hachette Multimedia, Longman dictionaries, Oxford University Press,... to help them pass over the digital barrier imposed by the expansion of the Internet around year 2000.

Through its subsidiary in France, SOFTEC has also acquired a large experience in system management by providing, full local and remote infrastructure management to Gaumont Animation (formerly Alphanim), a french company based in Paris and Angoulême.  Gaumont Animation is specialized in production, realization and distribution of animated movies for televisions and cinemas. SOFTEC has actively participated to the success of animated series like Galactik Football, Santapprentice, Hairy Scary, ... and animated movies like Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure or Eleanor's Secret.

New marketing policies imposed by Stilo have marked a major turning point in SOFTEC methods. After some experiences in the emerging .NET technologies using different Common Language Runtimes (commercial and open sources), SOFTEC has finally invest deeply in Java and Groovy developments over the Open-Source platform XWiki. Not only an advanced second generation wiki solution, XWiki is also a development platform providing all services needed to build online collaborative applications, extranets, intranets and corporate web sites. SOFTEC’s founder is actively participating to the open-source development of XWiki.

Based on these technologies, SOFTEC has build e-commerce solution (like elsaccessible.com, a lodging exchange service for disabled people), marketing site (like cnam-lr.fr or cnam-poitou-charentes.fr, advertising the training offer of these education and training institution), analytical web-site and online application (like observatoirebbc.org, a public observatory of low energy buildings activities in France).

SOFTEC’s latest creation, based on Coolmapi, is called CartoPass.com. This free services to easily discover the entertainment, concerts, and shows happening around you, provides a map based access to the offering of FNAC-Spectacle, a major french online ticket broker.

Our team


Denis Gervalle is SOFTEC's founder and is in charge of the executive management of the company. With more than 20 years of business in the software development industry, Denis has experienced many aspects of development and deployment processes. Denis works as a software architect, a senior developer, and  a system and database administrator. As the software architect of Coolmapi, Denis has built up the product from scratch in all its aspects. He brings to the task his large experience in data processing, browser based applications, and computer and database system management.


Olivier Desaive works for SOFTEC since twelve years. Olivier has gain an in-depth knowledge of software development, and has been trained to follow the high level coding standard in practice at SOFTEC. With his large experience in data processing and online application development, Olivier has been in charge of the implementation of the server side part of Coolmapi.