Work together without fear.  Coolmapi allows full collaboration and concurrent edits are cleverly merged. You can build massively multi-user application and manage user privileges easily.


Live updates

Maps displayed with Coolmapi are not static. At anytime, updates may be immediately pushed to all existing remote clients. This allow full collaboration for any number of remote users. While caching is applied to improve performance, all displayed information is kept updated to permit interactive session between users.


Per user access rights

User access to maps and marker can be defined on a per user basis. Anonymous users can be offered special rights on recently self-created markers, without a laborious registration process, to encourage massive collaboration on map data. Registered users can have advanced rights to manage their own or other's data. Some markers may even be kept private and displayed simultaneously with public markers.


Smart merges

Conflict between simultaneous editions of the same marker is automatically merged in most cases. Unless the exact same small piece information as been updated twice differently at the same time, no conflict arise. In the worse case, a partial merge is done and proposed to the user for review.


On map registration

Users can register in a unique way - straight onto the map.  New users locate themselves on the map and complete the registration process, including email validation, directly in the bubble corresponding to their markers. User profile creation is also available using the same interface. Both can be done directly on any Coolmapi based map.