No need to deploy your own infrastructure since we will host your data securely on our well connected servers. Your data will be safe and we will ensure their availability with the performance required for your maps to be enjoyable.


Cloud service

Coolmapi is both an API and an Plateform As A Service (PAAS) solution. It means there is no requirement to install anything on your side. You may start using our solution straight away right now with a simple web browser. Both the storage and the hosting of your map is entirely provided on our secure servers. A complete and easy-to-use interface allow you to configure, customize and even develop your own custom map solution without the needs for specialist tools.


Secure data separation

Each map is hosted in its own independent database (except for those using our free offering), so there is no risk of your spacial data getting muddled with that of other customers.  Via our range of plans, Coolmapi grows with your needs and you will always keep complete control of your data.


Google Analytics support

Coolmapi provides tracking of your map access through the Google Analytics service. Detailed information on user interactions are stored, allowing you to evaluate customer engagement and progress against your goals. You may use the same GA accounts for your own website and your maps.  In addition to, the usual GA reports, you will also be able to monitor your map performance, and receive a list of most accessed markers. 


Website integration

If you want, you may easily integrate a map into your website. This is possible both through the simple integration of a few line of HTML including an iFrame, or for more advanced integration, using our dedicated Javascript API. The level of integration will  depend on your price plan, and your ability to integrate. Coolmapi will be at your service.