Coolmapi gently grows with your data. Cloud based technologies and optimized network traffic ensure stability. Smart data management allows splitting data storage between our spacial optimized databases and your existing databases.


Cloud based technologies

Coolmapi is built to be able to support large amount of data and users without impacting user experience. At all steps, data is reduced to a minimum, and workloads distributed as much as possible. These concepts has been at the heart of our development from the beginning. Therefore, any map application developed using Coolmapi is optimized for excellent user experience.


Reduced bandwidth usage

Not all users and not all devices enjoy fast access to the Internet. Coolmapi is conceived to support low bandwidth situations by reducing its network communication.  All client requests contain some state information that allows the server to optimize its replies. This avoid repetitive communication of unneeded identical information while keeping the client up to date with recent changes. Not only are bandwidth requirements kept to a minimum, but display performance improves.


Smart storage

Specialized storage for spacial data are not yet widely available, and distributed solution can rapidly become expensive. By using more traditional relational database storage, Coolmapi benefit from this widely available and proven storage solution. Each client is hosted in its own independent database. While using standard relational queries, Coolmapi unique data storage structure allows retrieving, in a single request, properly aggregated data appropriate to respond to any map refresh query from a remote user.


Split data management

Our intelligent data management solution allow data storage to be split between our secure storage server and your own storage solution. While data required for map refresh and filtering will be replicated on our server, other business information will stay securely stored at your own premise. Concurrent usage of your own data management solution with Coolmapi is therefore possible and encouraged.