We offer consulting and development services to help you getting started with Coolmapi. If you do not have developers on hand, we can deliver you a fully custom-made application. Ask us for a quote.



We provide training course to help you get started with Coolmapi and its API. We can adapt the course to your existing knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript and you will find that you are quickly up to speed with the Coolmapi API.  



We can assist you in preparing, designing and planning your Coolmapi project. Our deep experience in data processing and online map applications will help you avoid the usual pitfalls and ensure that you quickly have a working application.



If you prefer, we can manage the whole project for you. You will receive a ready made application adapted to your data and your existing infrastructure. We could even improve or extends current Coolmapi features to really fulfill your needs. Our developers knows better than anyone how to leverage all the powerful feature of Coolmapi to make your solution shine.



We are available on the phone or by email - should you need help. We provide per incident support as well as yearly subscription for those with ongoing requirements.