Coolmapi is useful for many different types of businesses. Especially when a map requires large numbers of densely packed markers or where there is a need for collaboration and crowd sourcing.


Real estate marketing

Real estate websites will benefit from:

  • New or improved map display
  • Faster response times
  • Live filtering of results (allow easy tuning of a search based on the offer)
  • A simplified search engine
  • Improve asset management and localization
  • Better demonstration of the available offer


Events promotion

The promotion of events, in particular B2B events, requires publishing a catalog of registered exhibitors, and for B2C, also registered visitors. By using a Coolmapi based maps, an event organizer would get:

  • Better display of the attending people
  • Improve user experience
  • Better demonstration of the area covered by the event
  • Entertaining registration on the map


Online auction and C2C electronic commerce

Consumer-to-Consumer electronic commerce facilitate transactions between consumers through a third party.  Coolmapi would be an interesting solution for these sites to : 

  • show their offer by proximity directly on a map
  • promote their offer and their geographic coverage
  • facilitate relation between people in the same vicinity, reducing transport costs

These new features will undoubtedly increase the amount of successful transaction, benefiting user and third party.


Social networking and Online dating

Web-based social networking services allows people who share interests and activities to connect together.
For these sites, Coolmapi provides:

  • an additional way for people to find each other, by mapping users, or their current activities, dynamically on a world map
  • For dating service in particular, it would improve the relationship between people of the same region
  • promote the site's geographic coverage
  • enable users to communicate directly on a map

These new feature will attract subscribers by better showing the potential of the site for proximity relations. With more users, the site will increase its advertising or subscription revenues. The users will also benefit of better ways to conclude new dating and will be more inclined to recommend the site due to its distinctiveness.


Online ticket brokering

Based on Coolmapi technology, SOFTEC has recently created a geolocated ticket brokering web site. allows the customers of FNAC Spectacle to easily find local events or look at all locations where an artist will perform during their tour.  Compare to a boring list of events, this tool is far more entertaining and improves event discovery.

See it for yourself on